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  • Westchester Educational Article of the Month - How Smart are the Westchester Raccoons?

How Smart are the Westchester Raccoons?

A Westchester raccoon is a middle sized mammal native to the North America. They have a dense under-fur that prevents it from being harmed by cold. Earlier, people hunted the raccoon for food and fur.

Social life of a raccoon
Raccoons were thought to be solitary in nature but recent research have shown that the raccoon in gender specific social behavior where the female non relative members stay together and in the same manner as the male New York raccoons.

Intelligence of a raccoon
They have been termed and described as clever beasts just because of the intelligence they show towards handling different tasks. Two researches have been put forth just to demonstrate their intelligence:
• Opening of locks
• Solving a puzzle box

1. Opening of locks
Raccoons are able to master the art of opening locks very fast and not forget easily. Research showed that they can be able to open up to 11 of 13 complex lock in just less than ten trials. This is awesome. Perhaps the most intriguing feature to demonstrate this intelligence, Westchester raccoons have no problem in reopening the locks when they are rearranged or put in an upside down manner. This might seem so obvious but not all animals can do that. This just proves how much these animals are intelligent. They are just so clever. Their intelligence surpasses that of a New York fox.

2. Solving a puzzle box
Just to lay a firm foundation on this issue of intelligence, a raccoon is able to solve a puzzle box so easily if put through the solution. This confirms that a Westchester raccoon is an intelligent and smart animal.

Learning capability
Raccoons have a very great learning capability an aspect that is so typical to this species. Their speed of learning is great and can understand abstract principles quite effectively.

Memory status
In just few learning steps, Westchester raccoons will master the steps quite carefully and can remember the steps up to three years. This shows that they have a great memory and a great ability to grasp ideas. In so far as intelligence of animals is concerned, raccoons should be among the best. Naturalists argue that the species is so cunning, mischievous and curious and these traits are the one that arouse research. In a nutshell, raccoons are very smart and very intelligent and should be placed in the front line when intelligence of New York animals is concerned.

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