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  • Westchester Educational Article of the Month - Do squirrels make good pets?

Do squirrels make good pets?

New York Squirrels sure are cute and adorable animals. With their fuzzy fur and their cute little faces, they are just adorable. Add to it the cute way they hop around and it is easy to see why a person may want a squirrel for its own Westchester pet. It just seems like it would be great.

The question becomes if having one of these animals as a pet is a really good idea? Could a squirrel be made to become a pet that you could have around your Westchester house or in a cage, and keep it domesticated? This is a very good question.

Before answering it, a question needs to be asked. If you found a coyote wandering around, would you bring it home and make a pet out of it? The answer to that question is most, if not all, would say that this is a terrible idea. A coyote is very dangerous and could seriously injure you and so it makes no sense to have one as a pet.

What you come to realize quickly is that the coyote is wild. He or she is not meant to be tamed. Thus you cannot control the behavior no matter how much you try.

This is true of a squirrel as well. Clearly they do not have the sharp teeth of a coyote or the deep claws that can do so much damage, but they do have sharp teeth and claws and they will bite and claw at you if they have the chance. They can do your serious injury.

Most important to remember is that these are wild animals. Wild animals are dangerous animals that cannot be controlled. This is true of squirrels. They will act in a wild way, and can pose a serious danger to you if they have the chance to lash out.

The thing about wild animals that makes them so dangerous is that there is no way to control their behavior. They may act totally contrite for the longest time, then all of a sudden lash out at you, causing serious injury. You are going to receive no warning about it either.

Think of people that train elephants and lions. These animals seemed well trained by these professionals, but will you see many instances where the animal will turn on them and the person can get hurt, often quite seriously. This is why you can’t put your trust in a New York squirrel either. Maybe they cannot cause as much damage as a tiger, but consider what they could do to your child. That should be reason enough.

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